Privacy Statement

W Leisure Ltd exists to supply relevant media information from client hotels to journalists. As such we are fundamentally a business about people and that means we handle personal information.

Data protection is a high priority for us and always has been. We collect and process journalist data for our legitimate interest in providing relevant news and information which helps journalists stay current with our client’s latest news, offers and developments. This service serves the interests of both journalists and the organisations we represent who wish to share their information and journalists who wish to keep informed on what is happening in the sectors they cover. This is known as media relations and is a well-established practice.

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Note: W Leisure Ltd provides the following services: Media Contacts Database, Press Release Distribution Service (via Mailchimp), All mentions of “W Leisure Ltd” or “Services” in our Data Protection Policy apply to these services.

Information W Leisure Ltd or our approved partners may collect about you online
Information about the computer terminal you are on and about your use of our website including:


• Your computer’s IP address

• Your worldwide geographical location

• Your internet browser details

• The site which referred you to us

• How long you stayed on our site

• Which pages you viewed

• Any other personal information that you choose to send to us via email or web forms